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TDM University photoSince people are our most valuable resource, we constantly strive to develop our talents to their maximum potential. As architects, and professionals, we can never stop learning and positioning ourselves at the forefront of our profession. Our business depends on it! TDM University (tdmU) is an ongoing by-weekly in-house continuing education series aimed at staying abreast of day-to-day developments in design and construction. tdmU targets critical and timely topics ranging from the latest BIM software and QA/QC to the most recent building technologies and materials. Topics also cover ongoing projects and building code and regulatory agency updates. Presenters include TDM principals and employees, consultants and outside technical experts.

The following is a partial list of previously presented topics at tdmU:

  • Revit, Navisworks & the Art of Clash Detection
  • Energy Efficient HVAC Systems: What Works?
  • Roofing Systems and Detailing: Keeping Moisture Out!
  • Solar Energy and PV Technologies: What's Next?
  • Daylighting Strategies: Windows, Curtain Walls & Skylight Systems
  • California Title-24 Energy Calculations: Impact on Design
  • Sealants & Weatherproofing: Sealing the Envelope
  • Door Hardware: Security & Accessibility
  • Quality Control Standards and Checking
  • Construction Administration Lessons Learned
  • The Lost Art of Hand Sketching
  • Travelogues: Architecture of the World