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Our experience with Design-build goes back over 20 yearsTDM is at the forefront in Building Information Modeling (BIM). We have prepared BIM models ranging from a $ 30 million elementary school to a $16 million football stadium. These models are of tremendous use for clash detection of building systems, energy analysis, cost estimating and facilities management.

Sometimes the 'I' is missing from BIM, despite the fact that it is the critical element that really makes BIM work. Here information is power. The key is to use the same information database format for all phases of the project starting with record drawing documentation, continuing with programming, design, working drawings and construction phases. With this consistency the database of information becomes a powerful quality control tool because all phases are synchronized and can be used to track all aspects consistently with clear documentation that is available to all parties, particularly the owner.

Active members of the Design-Build Institute of AmericaTDM uses REVIT to model all systems, architectural, structural, mechanical, and all other utilities over 6" in diameter. We use NAVISWORKS to integrate specialized structural steel or other systems if they cannot be imported directly into REVIT. The 3D model is used first for space planning and visualization. The model is also used for project phasing, 4-D construction sequencing, cost estimating, area diagrams, energy conservation, sustainability, day lighting, collision avoidance, specifications, purchasing and expediting. Furthermore, links are created to product cut sheets and PDF files as well as 3-D viewable files on site.

While BIM is not a magic panacea and there is no substitute for attention to details, it is nonetheless a powerful tool for project visualization and information sharing and management that is critical to the success of any project, regardless of size or level of complexity.